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ScreenView 017 - The Walking Dead Franchises


Run Time 55:45
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In this episode, Peter and Jon pray that Aimee’s absence won’t destroy the show by pushing forward and with the return of Star Wars to the big screen this weekend, we discuss movie franchises that have returned to theaters many years after they were thought completed. Is this a good move for Production companies? Fans?

We also talk about the rental DVD delays, box office recap, latest trailers, and Verizon/Coinstar joining forces to fight Netflix.

Latest trailers:
* Amazing Spider-Man
* Bourne Legacy

We are pleased to announce that ScreenView and Entertainment News International ( have joined forces to bring you in-depth discussions on the site that you need for entertainment news!

We will be available every week simultaneously on and!

Follow us on Twitter @ScreenViewShow; Peter @Pete_Van; Jon @silvermeteu; Aimee @ladyofwreck.

Feedback and comments are always welcome at screenview[at]tfradio[dot]net.

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