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ScreenView 025 - The Fringe Avengers Overload


Run Time 46:07
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NOTE: We are very sorry for the audio issues begin at approximately 43:30. Unfortunately, we are unable to correct this problem on this episode, but will work to fix it in the next episode.

Back with the regular crew, we discuss how much money The Avengers actually made, put it into perspective, and also discuss how much the big actors made.

We also recap how Aimee and Jon felt about the film before we discuss Fringe Season 4!

1:45 - Box Office Chat
10:40 - Opening This Week
16:15 - Robert Downey Jr. to Make $50 Million from Avengers
20:00 - Joss Whedon ‘torn’ about returning to Avengers sequel
31:25 - Aimee and Jon share their thoughts on Avengers
44:00 - Fringe Season 4 and Season 5 Discussion

We are pleased to announce that ScreenView and Entertainment News International (www.ENewsI.com) have joined forces to bring you in-depth discussions on the site that you need for entertainment news!

We will be available every week simultaneously on TFRadio.net and ENewsI.com!

Follow us on Twitter @ScreenViewShow; Peter @Pete_Van; Jon @silvermeteu; Aimee @ladyofwreck.


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