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Radio Free Cybertron - 09/20/2012

This Week:

On the News Desk JD and ExVee:

  • Show off the latest images from the joint E-Hobby/FunPub release of Shattered Glass Blaster and Soundwave
  • Discuss the inclusion of a MP sized Not-Reflector with pre-orders from Robot Kingdom for the PE-12 AFX from Perfect Effect
  • Take a look at new Transformers Prime Voyagers being released in Hong Kong

Also in the news:

  • Chinese Generations Deluxes found in Illinois Toys R Us
  • Ultimate Gift Set now up for preorder on HTS, with package image; said to be online-only.
  • Takara Tomy release Transformers BotShots in Japan as new BeCool toys
  • Hasbro Canada has a First Edition Bumblebee Problem
Also this week:
  • Rescue Bots: The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock
  • Comic News
  • Transformers Rewind: Dark Designs
  • Transformers 4: How will it affect the Transformers brand?

Catch all episodes of Transformers Rewind here!

Run Time 1:43:05

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