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Radio Free Cybertron - 09/27/2012

This Week:

On the News Desk JD and ExVee:

  • TF Prime Japanese Exclusive Thundercracker and Orion Pax
  • Masterpiece Optimus Prime pre-orders
  • Asian Exclusive Bruiticus Maximus
  • TF Prime Christmas Ornaments

Also in the news:

  • Alternity Banzai-tron and Galvatron package photos
  • MP-15 will be Optimus Prime… in silhouette (or maybe fake)
  • Oh, and the Chinese Generations Scouts are out now too. $10 each
Also this week:
  • Rescue Bots: Cody on Patrol
  • Transformers Rewind: Heavy Metal War
The Monthly Third Party Roundup
  • Full color Uranos Phantom photos
  • Toyworld is all about the Throttlebots, so far announcing two figures based on them: GRIND ROD, as Rollbar, and more recently Aurora, based on Searchlight.
  • Dr Wu continues upgrading Prime toys with a set of blasters for Arcee
  • Fansproject Armored Battalion, Deluxe Insecticon recolors of the Causality figures. Exclusive to TFSource.
  • Future iGear Minibot releases, Veer, Duneraker, and Bushwhacker
  • Yet another alternate head add-on for Hercules, this from “Excellent Toys” who includes a bonus super-deformed Devastator figurine

Catch all episodes of Transformers Rewind here!

Run Time 1:18:46

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