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Superhero Time Presents: That One Episode Of Star Trek "The Outcast"

In the second part of our “Socially Regressive Star Trek” month, after a quick break for a word from Krispy Kreme, we’re back with TNG’s The Outcast, which tries to use a genderless society to …well, ostensibly present some kind of positive message about issues of homosexuality, up until they seemed to chicken out at the end? Of course, 25 years after it was written, it ends up carrying quite a bit different meaning anyway.

WARNING: Explicit language

From the minds that brought you Superhero Time, the internet’s most offensive podcast about children’s TV shows, comes That One Episode of Star Trek. Because even when tokusatsu stops being fun, we can always rip Star Trek a new one.

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That One Episode of Star Trek 070 "The Outcast"

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