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Toy Fair 2015 was a huge success thanks to you, we connected with a lot of great people and had a chance to bring you the most awesome live coverage for the fifth year in a row.

We normally ask on the podcast for a little bit of your kindness and support, but once in a while we try to reach out via our social media platforms.

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Brian Kilby 


RFC: Extra - 001

RFC Extra is discussion from Radio Free Cybertron which doesn’t make the weekly episode of RFC, usually due to length, it was recorded after Radio Free Cybertron wrapped up or it was recorded on a different day for a different venue.

This week on RFC Extra:

  • Masterpiece Starscream
  • Toy Scalpers
  • Old stuff sitting sitting on our shelves
  • Acquiring Rare Toys
  • The craziness of exchange rates
  • …and the ever-inflating price of toys
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RFC: Extra - 001


Radio Free Cybertron - 405

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We’re joined by Ben Yee to talk about Toy Fair 2015. We discuss Leader Class Ultra Magnus, Defensor and the Protecobots, the beauty that is Legends Class Viper, Titan Class Devastator and the fan controversy surrounding it, Robots in Disguise and more! Bonus for the audio version of the podcast: we have the Transformers presentation from Saturday’s Hasbro Toy Fair press event!

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Radio Free Cybertron - 405


Superhero Time Episode 236 (February 17, 2015) "There Were High-Five Gangs" 

Superhero Time

The news: The state of things when Toy Fair’s most interesting Power Ranger news was Mix-and-Morph and Imaginext.
The weeklies: ToQger: The Middle Of The End Of The End, and episode 2 of Dino Charge wasn’t as overwhelmingly good as the first, but still came out strong.
Power Playback: Black Ranger History Month continues with two episodes of Kakuranger focusing on Jiraiya that really wanted to just be a kung-fu movie.

Run Time 1:53:30

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Superhero Time 236 (021715)


Get the Skinny 2015 - 002

This week on Get the Skinny:

  • We discuss food diaries and how many calories do you need?
  • Brian reviews the Fitbit Charge HR

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Run Time 27:44
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Get the Skinny 2015 - 002