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ScreenView 016 - Here's Your Finale!


Run Time 55:40
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We say goodbye to Chuck by discussing our favorite television series finales and run through the ones of yesteryear. We talk do a quick rundown of the Super Bowl commercials that have been released ahead of the big game; RealD makes a profit, and the newest trailers out this week.

Links mentioned in this episode:
* AOLTV’s list of best finales ever

Released Super Bowl commercials we talked about on the show:
* G.I. Joe Retaliation
* The Avengers
* The Dictator
* Matthew Broderick Honda CR-V
* Seinfeld Soup Nazi hawking Acura NSX
* Volkwagen follow-up

Trailers Out This Week:
* Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer 2
* 7500
* Lockout
* Snow White and the Huntsman

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We will be available every week simultaneously on and!

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