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Radio Free Cybertron - 484

This week on Radio Free Cybertron: The Walgreens exclusive Brainstorm finally shows up in a store! But that store was Wal-Mart! We also talk about the Voyager Broadside image which showed up earlier this week, plus additional upcoming Titans Returns figures including Seaspray and (another!?) Cosmos! All that plus Brian gushes about Transformers 5. Yes, really.

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Radio Free Cybertron - 484


Radio Free Cybertron for February 3rd 2010

TRT 1:20:07

In this show:

  • Rob hosts because Brian is out sick! The pansy!
  • Seaspray, Power Core Combiners, Japanese TF Series in the US? TELL US MORE
  • The Worst Toy Ever
  • Sea Change, it is not the worst episode ever, Ender!
  • Lots, lots, lots more!


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RFC - 02/03/10