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Like OMG!

I’m 32 years old, which by default makes my Transformers hobby a little bit silly for some. Well, I always shrug it off because, well, what do you do for fun? Be a douche? Nuff said. Well, despite all that, there is quite a bit of kids stuff out there that I have no interest in. Silly bandz is normally one of them,  however the onslaught of the shaped rubber band fad has hit it’s super high. Just like Pogs, it’s everywhere and anything is getting liscensed and put on the things.

You already know where I’m going with this huh?

So while looking for Hello Kitty silly bands with the girlfriend, we see Skelanimals (another of her favorites) bands and then… Garbage Pail Kids silly bands. So… hey… I kinda want those. Well, I held off for the time being (rest assured, I’ll eventually get some… I mean dude… GPK!). Recently my attention has been drawn to something else in band form.


So it’s no big suprise that Transformers silly bands have been made. With the movies being hotter than fried lava right now, eager mechandisers are slapping that TF logo on anything they can. This delights me to a fault, you see, not only am I being supplied with cheap TF stuff, but it’s cheap TF stuff from a fad. I’ve always been a fan of TF artifacts/merchandise, and I’m a sucker for the more collectible items in TF. Those blind packed pvcs, the trading cards from Armada as well as the card game from a few years back. Now these? This is great!

I’m a 32 year old man who is excited for silly bands. Let that sink in for a second.

Those are some cool rubber bands.

So I see these TF bands, and the dork in me see’s fans at BotCon/Auto Assembly/TFcon/insert a TF convention here happily giving them to their friends. I can see all sorts of stuff on etsy being made from these. I see potential for fans to have fun with these. It’s a very cool thing, for a very nerdy thing.

Oh yeah, some kids would probably like them also.

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