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Superhero Time: September 6, 2010

TRT 1:41:00

  • Goukaiger: Rumored pirate sentai?! Is Japan remorseful for Goseiger?!
  • The finale of Masked Rider W
    • …until the winter movie, probably.
  • The premiere of Masked Rider OOO.
    • We are pleased.
  • Goseiger.
    • Eh.
  • Alien Rangers of Aquitar.
    • ExVee is mean to his people.

Mentioned in the show:
HeyMickey’s Ankh avatar
Boukenger monster design inspirations
Kakuranger’s Hanarangers (“Psycho-Chick Rangers”)

Superhero Time: 090610


Superhero Time: August 24, 2010

TRT 1:30:16


  • Morphicon 2 starts 8/27 - the former actors seems to be really into it!
  • What wacky silliness do you think Bandai will pass off at Morphicon?
  • Episode 47 of W?! Nooooo…
  • Episode 26 of Goseiger? Hell no!


Discussion topic:

  • Adaptation Decay: GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
    • (gee, I can’t possibly guess what will win here…)


Mentioned in the show:

Power Morphicon 2 promos!
History of Power Rangers 9: TIme Force

Superhero Time: 082410


Superhero Time: August 4, 2010

TRT 1:06:47

Today on Superhero Time:

  • Somehow more new MMPR 2010 toys continue to be released!
  • Uh-oh! We’re almost out of Masked Rider W!
  • …crap. There’s still, like, half of Goseiger left.
  • Discussing an awesome SPD story slightly marred by a metal thong.
  • And… FortMax may be Australian?


I think we referenced this in the show.
And this.
…and maybe him?

(but most likely not in that order.)

Superhero Time 080410


Superhero Time: July 27, 2010

TRT 1:07:30

  • New MMPR 2010 toys in stores. Yes, we lost half of RPM, but somehow MMPR toys are pushing forward!
  • MMPR: Remastered ends on Power Rangers’ 17th anniversary. Huh.
    • Original format reruns start in October on Nicktoons!
  • Yay, another week without Goseiger!
  • But Masked Rider W still continues towards it’s end. :(
  • B-Robo Kabutack!
  • And of course, Your Mom.

Superhero Time: 072710


Superhero Time: July 19, 2010

TRT 1:05:46

It’s a slow week on Superhero Time

  • But that’s partly because of no Goseiger. Woo!
  • Masked Rider W 41. HeyMickey still denies the end is near.
  • Paladin reviews DX GoseiGround or Grand or whatever it is.
  • TWO episodes of MMPR: Remastered!
  • Day of The Dumpster dubbed in Japanese.
  • Plus all the totally unrelated stuff we break off into in between.

Superhero Time: 071910


Superhero Time: July 14, 2010

TRT 1:37:21

It’s The Unfortunate Euphemism!

  • Shinkenger Returns!
  • Goseiger Continues (dammit!)
  • Masked Rider W …from a couple weeks ago. Sorry.
  • (I think we also totally failed to mention Ron Wasserman not being involved with the next PR. Oops.)
  • Masked Rider 000/O’s/Ohs toys
  • Remarkably positive thoughts on Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad.

Superhero Time: 071410


Superhero Time: June 22, 2010

TRT 1:24:38

What?! Superhero Time basically on time?!

  • It’s the Sailor Moon show. 
    • *cry*
  • There was no Masked Rider W or MMPR this week.
    • So it’s Sailor Moon and Goseiger stuff.
      • *cry*
  • Talking about newly released Goseiger toys.
  • Also, ExVee and FortMax call HeyMickey dumb for fearing a virus on his Mac.


  • Next Week: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy!


Links mentioned in the show:

Superhero Time: 062210


Superhero Time: June 17, 2010

TRT 1:37:25

On a catching-up Superhero Time:

  • Saban’s exceptionally optimistic plans for Power Rangers.
    • Seriously, feature film? Blu-rays for a show that was never shot in HD?
  • Rounding up various toy news.
  • Recaps of three weeks of missed shows.
    • And somehow only one episode of MMPR: Remastered!
  • Paladin talks about getting some Headders.

Links mentioned in the show:

Superhero Time: 061710


Superhero Time: May 14, 2010

TRT 1:10:27

  • Everybody loved Go-onger vs Shinkenger
  • (except FortMax. What’s wrong with that boy?)
  • Everyone is likewise lukewarm on Goseiger.
  • HeyMickey reveals he was too drunk to remember recording last week.
  • All that, plus Forever Red!

Our discussion about next week’s topic turns out to have no influence on next week’s show. But it was funny so I left it in anyway.

Superhero Time: 051410


Superhero Time: May 9, 2010

TRT 36:34

  • Goseiger 11 with Paladin and FortMax
  • Masked Rider W 31 and 32 with HeyMickey
  • ExVee expresses concern over the future of Power Rangers
  • Paladin reviews Lightspeed Rescue’s Megazords


  • It’s all HeyMickey’s fault.

Superhero Time: 050910