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Superhero Time: April 28, 2010

TRT 1:22:52

With guest panelist RAC from

  • Masked Rider W The Movie - in 3D! (urgh)
  • Another terribly overpriced USB Gaia Memory set
  • Reprolabels will help you dress your Magna Defender Morpher as an Aura Changer
  • This week’s Goseiger episode
  • Also upcoming Goseiger episodes


  • Ronin Warriors
  • Plus Paladin reviews Armor Plus Wildfire (aka Rekka no Ryo)

Links mentioned in the show

Superhero Time: 042810


Superhero Time: April 6th, 2010

TRT 1:24:25

On a Musical Edition of Superhero Time:

  • Green With Evil returns in Power Rangers Remastered
  • Masked Rider W and Goseiger demonstrate increasing degrees of Japan being creepy.

Our topic this week is The Music of Power Rangers

The debut of Superhero Time Twitter Theatre!

  • Zeo “Another Song and Dance”

Mentioned in the show:

Superhero Time: 040610


Superhero Time: Mar 30, 2010

TRT 1:03:24

On this week’s show:


Next Week: Superhero Time: The Musical

Superhero Time 033010


Superhero Time: Mar 23, 2010

TRT 1:01:24


This week on Superhero Time:

  • Magical Hyde and the Goseigers fight the swine flu
    • Oh, and the Megazord turns into a pirate
  • China uses knockoff Power Ranger toys to make knockoff Power Ranger cartoon
  • Oh no! Godzilla!
  • FortMax is introduced to the world of candy toy sentai robots; ExVee laments his lack of fine motor skills.


Links mentioned in the show:

(in fact, it looks like full episodes are around, too)

Superhero Time 032310


Superhero Time: Mar 12, 2010

TRT 19:17


This week on a very late and slightly abridged Superhero Time

  • RPM DVDs cancelled? NOOOOO!!11!!1!
  • Lazy Headers
  • I need to find different ways to say Masked Rider W is awesome.
  • Superhero Time’s first editorial, featuring ExVee’s thoughts on Bandai.
  • Paladin reviews GoseiGreat

Mentioned in the show


Superhero Time: 031210


Superhero Time: Feb 16, 2010

TRT 51:25

This week on Superhero Time:

Links mentioned in the show:

ExVee is also very sorry for the slightly sub-par audio quality at spots in this week’s podcast.

Superhero Time - 021610


Giant Size Superhero Time-Thing

TRT 1:10:15

Making up for lost time we have a load of things to talk about this week!

  • Lots of Goseiger news
  • Shinkenger and Masked Rider W are hitting all the tropes
  • Looking back at the red-headed stepchild of the Saban family of programs: Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
  • Paladin talks about the continuing trend of collectible accessories in the last few years of sentai


Goseiger links mentioned in this week’s show

  • Villain scan. Themes and partial names from left to right:
    • Comet themed “Bluring Doron of the Comet”
    • Dragon themed “Great King Drake”
    • Meteor themed “Dereputa of the Meteor”
    • Devil Insect BeeBee

Superhero Time 020210


Heroic Debut! Superhero Time!

TRT 52:09

In our very first show ExVee, HeyMickey, Paladin and FortMax discuss:

  • The news; Shinkenger reaches a milestone and building up to Goseiger
  • MMPR “Remastered” and how it may impact the future of Power Rangers
  • Fond memories of the early days of Power Ranger fandom
  • Discussion of the new Dino Megazord

Dan Evans III on Twitter



Superhero Time - 010510

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