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Superhero Time: The Power Rangers Movie Special

Power Rangers hit theatres finally, and surprising to all, it wasn’t awful! There’s actually some value in discussing and podcasting about it! We know our longtime, loyal listener would like to hear our thoughts about the Power Rangers movie, so in this special episode, the classic cast - minus Ken, who wouldn’t take his damn oil - has a nice chat about it. There won’t be any meaningful spoilers for Power Rangers here; it’s pretty new still, so we’ll save that for something more in depth later.

And, sorry about the poorer-than-current-standard audio quality, it couldn’t be helped. The next podcast will be better. Unless we’re on it.

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Superhero Time: The Power Rangers Movie Special


Superhero Time Episode 235 (February 10, 2015) "Screw Your Culture!" 

The news: StarNinger. I don’t think I need to say anything more.
The weeklies: ToQger is back on track and oh crap I made a Paladin pun aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Power Playback: During the month of February, we’re observing Black Ranger History Month, starting with MMPR season 3’s Passing The Lantern. Don’t worry, it gets better from here.
Also: Be sure to listen after the end theme for ExVee to realize the terrible mistake he’s made.

Run Time 1:58:25

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Superhero Time 235 (021015)


Superhero Time Episode 222 (November 4, 2014) "Drive-Through" 

The news: This year’s Figuarts that you can never buy!
The weeklies: Drive happened, and ToQger was amazing.
Power Playback: MMPR’s first Totally-Not-A-Halloween-Episode, aired originally on October 30th.

Run Time 2:21:21

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Superhero Time 222 (110414)


Superhero Time Episode 212 (June 24, 2014) "Shitularity" 

The news: The Tommy Legacy Collection continues!
The weeklies: We replaced the weekly weeklies with two episodes of Bioman, 37 and 38. The consensus? We want Ryoma’s brain in Bio Hunter Silva.
Power Playback: MMPR’s Foul Play in The Sky, which has more depth than you might expect! …or maybe not…

Run Time 1:41:52

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Superhero Time 212 (062414)


Superhero Time: February 25, 2014

The news: Something about a pedophile, I can’t exactly remember.
The weeklies: Gaim ends its gang wars with a dance party, and we start ToQger.
Power Playback: Black Ranger History Month brings us An Oyster Stew from the end of MMPR’s first season.
Also: Our friend and cohost JD Church passed away on February 12th. If you would like to donate to help his wife Amanda pay his final expenses, please click here.

Run Time 2:21:02

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Superhero Time: 022514


Superhero Time: November 6, 2012

The news: Find out what route FortMax should be taking to get from Coppell, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma this Thanksgiving.
Power Playback: Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Wars!
Review: Paladin reviews SRC Daizyujin

Run Time 2:10:28

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Superhero Time: 110612


Superhero Time: March 22, 2011

Run Time 1:20:00

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This week,

  • New(ish) toys!
  • Ricardo Medina Jr. looks like he belongs on HeyMickey’s stories.
  • OOO and Gokaiger aired in Japan this past weekend, but subs didn’t make recording time.
  • Crossover Month continues with A Friend in Need, and a serious analysis of the nature of Ranger suits.

Mentioned in the show:
American Gokaiger toys

Superhero Time: 032211


Superhero Time: July 19, 2010

TRT 1:05:46

It’s a slow week on Superhero Time

  • But that’s partly because of no Goseiger. Woo!
  • Masked Rider W 41. HeyMickey still denies the end is near.
  • Paladin reviews DX GoseiGround or Grand or whatever it is.
  • TWO episodes of MMPR: Remastered!
  • Day of The Dumpster dubbed in Japanese.
  • Plus all the totally unrelated stuff we break off into in between.

Superhero Time: 071910


Superhero Time: Jan 19, 2010

TRT 49:07

This week on Superhero Time:

  • Recapping the highlights of the previous week.
    • Superhero Squad style Power Rangers!
    • How’s that female Red Ranger thing going for Shinkenger, anyway?
    • HeyMickey is all about the male nudity in Masked Rider W.
  • Discussion of why Masked Rider doesn’t work in America.
  • An overview of the 2010 MMPR basic figures.

Superhero Time 011910


Superhero Time: Jan 12, 2010

TRT 51:35

This week on Superhero Time:

  • Speculation on where a 32 episode season will leave MMPR Remastered
  • The shows that tried to capitalize on the success of Power Rangers
    • Does anyone remember Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills?
  • Boy, those roleplay toys are kinda small, aren’t they?
  • Review and discussion of the Deluxe Dragon Dagger.

Scratch-build Dragon Dagger tutorial

Superhero Time - 011210