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Superhero Time: The Power Rangers Movie Special

Power Rangers hit theatres finally, and surprising to all, it wasn’t awful! There’s actually some value in discussing and podcasting about it! We know our longtime, loyal listener would like to hear our thoughts about the Power Rangers movie, so in this special episode, the classic cast - minus Ken, who wouldn’t take his damn oil - has a nice chat about it. There won’t be any meaningful spoilers for Power Rangers here; it’s pretty new still, so we’ll save that for something more in depth later.

And, sorry about the poorer-than-current-standard audio quality, it couldn’t be helped. The next podcast will be better. Unless we’re on it.

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Superhero Time: The Power Rangers Movie Special


Superhero Time Episode 273 (October 12, 2016) "Sweet Christmas, It's The Luke Cage Podcast" 

Superhero Time

On this SHT special, Paladin and Ken are back, and we’re joined by Melllvarr from RFC in his first ever SHT appearance! Toger, we sit down for a nice chat about Netflix’s Luke Cage. After around half an hour waiting for Ken to finish oiling his microphone.

Full spoilers, so be warned!

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Superhero Time 273 (101216)