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Turtle Lair - Episode 4

Howdy Turtle fans and Shell Heads. Here is episode 4 of the internet’s quickly rising turtle podcast!

In this episode we talk Mirage Splinter, part one of MBob’s interview with the masterminds behind the Turtle Power Documentary, and we review the Nick Turtles episode “Slash and Destroy.

Join MBob, NinjaDave, Eddie D, and Papa Roy for Episode 4: Four Turtles, A Rat, and a Pizza Place.

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Turtle Lair - Episode 3

Booyakasha Shell-heads. We’re over the sewer to bring you the long awaited third episode of the Turtle Lair Podcast. Back after a long bout of sickness we bring you the latest turtle talk coming straight from the lair. Join MBob, Edmund, Dave, and newcomer Roy as they discuss the upcoming Turtle Power Documentary and then turn the discussion to the two year old IDW TMNT ongoing comic. All of this and the SEVENLY DEADLY QUESTIONS… OF DOOM!!!!!

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Turtle Lair - Episode 2

Totally Twobuloso Episode Two!!!! That’s right Shell-heads, straight from the Turtle Lair we have episode two of the podcast. We talk turkey …er turtles… when we dive into the four part finale of Season 2 of the 2k3 series that we all know as “The Battle Nexus” - though it was actually titled “The Big Brawl.”

We also introduce the newest podcaster to the show Victor. All in all a titanic episode two.

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Turtle Lair - Episode 1

BOOYAKASHA BOYOS!! COWABUNGA CITIZENS!!!! The Turtles have come to RFC straight from the Turtle Lair. Join MBob Saget, NinjaDave, and newcomers Edmund and Sean as they talk turtles with a vengeance.

In this, the first episode, you will be introduced the podcasters who must answer the seven deadly questions… OF DOOM!!!

They will also be dropping some turtle news bombs and wrap it all up with the main topic of discussion: The 1987 cartoon’s first episode: “Turtle Tracks”.

So jump in the nearest manhole, make your way to where The Foot never reach, and be welcomed into The Turtle Lair.

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Turtle Lair Episode 1

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